Why it is important to re-crack the code of your life purpose when at life’s crossroads

This is the first of a 3-part series on using your life purpose to make greater impact in the rapidly changing world of today

In the global environment of today, many long established paradigms are being shifted to new ones that no one would ever have predicted could be. Both the economic and political climates are being stirred up in many unanticipated ways causing long-established status quo to be decimated. Furthermore, new agendas of new governments are pulling apart even more recent established goals of protecting our climate and the lives of future generations.

In fact, shattering status quos seem to be the new normal in our world of today.

Overlaid on this volatile and uncertain background, you as a unique individual continue to face enormous challenges posed by unanticipated changes in the way you live and work. Impacted by technology and globalization, new industrial standards, new skill sets and new modes of operation are the new modus operandi in most establishments.

The ability to operate using your well established job skills and simple tasks associated with day to day living seems to have been hijacked from you. This may be causing a lot of tension in your life.

This inability to pursue a well-known pathway in establishing a  career and growing in it may be causing you to rethink the way forward. Your identity is being shaken to its very core and you may be asking existential questions such as: ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What am I here for’?

This line of questioning and process of rethinking the way forward is a key fundamental of a vital reinvention process.

When we question ‘what am I here for – you are seeking to know what the purpose of your life is.

This article illustrates why it is essential to re-crack the code of your life now even more than ever before. It is useful to know your life purpose and operate on it in order to be able to stay and operate in the constant mode of reinvention that the world of today calls for.

So what is your life purpose?

Purpose is the object for which one strives or for which something exists. It is a result or an effect that is intended or desired.

So simply put, your life purpose is the reason for which you are living, the goal of your existence.

Why is it important that you re-discover your life purpose at such critical times that we are in?

Here are some reasons:

1.  You need your life purpose to develop the leader in you. In today’s world, you are being called upon to take action for issues that traditionally has been designated for the ‘big leaders or hot guns of the society’. Knowing your life purpose or re-discovering it afresh will help you align your authentic self to the demands of today’s ever changing local and global environments.

2. With a clearly aligned purpose, you will have the ability to see events that you cannot control through the lens of purpose and thereby have inner peace. You will have more wisdom in knowing the right battles to fight and stop wasting your energy and valuable time on the battles to leave out.

3.  You are able to shave off years of groping around in darkness, not knowing what to do it and tap into the power of your purpose to start making great impact. You will be able to avoid walking around in circles and instead be in a place of clarity and positioning for rapid growth.

4.  Your well- defined purpose will give you laser focus for making greater impact. You can be more intentional in the work you do, the causes you fight for and the roles you play within your family and community. In your overall leadership pursuits whether within your business organization or your non-profit engagements, the power of your life purpose can make you go further and lead a more meaningful life.

5. You are able to have synchronicity between your personal life and career/business pursuits. Nothing is more backward-pulling than a life out of sync. However, with your purpose well- defined, you are able to have congruency and thereby synergy resulting in greater output and ability to create worthwhile legacy.

6. On the overall, with your life purpose deciphered, you will be poised to move out of the land of mediocrity to that of excellence

In a follow up to this article, I will explain more on the process of re-cracking the code of your unique life purpose.

What are your thoughts on these reasons for re-cracking the code of your life purpose in the mitigating circumstances of today? Which of the above reasons resonate with you?

Which additional reasons do you have? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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